Wedding Programs

The bridal gown ordered. The bridal party assembled. The invitations have been sent out. The flowers selected. The cakes sampled. The menu sorted out. The vendors picked. The entertainment?

The wedding music sets the mood and tone for the ceremony and reception thereafter. Brides encounter a myriad of selections – classical, pop, Broadway, jazz – from which a narrowed-down version ultimately reflects their personal characteristics and style.

When determining which music direction to take, we ask: “Would you classify yourself as a traditional bride? Non-traditional? Modern? Chic? Eclectic?”

If still uncertain, please do not hesitate to write to us at


Serenata Strings sends a hard copy of the wedding program worksheet to every bride. Upon request, Serenata Strings will also make available the wedding program worksheet in digital format.  The bride or groom personally fills out the digital or hard copy of the wedding program worksheet with their desired musical choices. The bride or groom can submit the digital copy of the wedding program worksheet via e-mail or hard copy via mail.

As ceremony programs frequently change (sometimes up to five drafts), Serenata Strings strongly urges and encourages all of our clients to update us with the current and revised versions of the wedding program. All revisions of the wedding program worksheet must be made in writing. When we receive these revisions via e-mail or by mail, we will replace the previous version of the wedding program with the current and updated version. We strongly discourage revisions by phone and will not accept revisions via phone. Should the client send in only one draft of the wedding program worksheet, we will consider that version as the finalized version.  Serenata Strings will always read off the last and most recent version of the program that was provided to us and approved by the bride or groom. This written program is the final word.

When selecting the wedding program, we request all of our clients to check with us regarding the availability of the pieces for the appropriate ensemble or group. We discourage any generalizations such as U2 or Disney.  We ask that the musical choices be listed with the title of the song or piece with the name of the composer, band or artist.

Should errors occur with the music choices on the day of the wedding, Serenata Strings will not be held financially responsible for it is the sole responsibility of the bride or groom to submit in all revisions of the wedding program to us in a timely manner. No monies will be refunded for errors with the wedding program worksheet, as the written program is the final word.

Samples Of Wedding Programs

We have assembled seven different programs below to exemplify seven different brides.

An All-Traditional Program

A Less Traditional Program

An All-Hymn Program

An Eclectic Program

A Modern Program

An All-ColdPlay Program

An All-Disney Program