Oldies – Violin and Guitar Samples

Below are Oldies –  Violin and Guitar Samples. Serenata Strings has ten categories of Violin and Guitar Samples: Latest HitsBeatlesPopCountryRockDisney, Jazz Standards,  Classical, Oldies and Praise and Worship.  Please take the opportunity to listen to all of these examples. In addition to their wide range of examples for Violin and Guitar, Serenata Strings has thirteen categories of Ensemble Music Samples: String Quartet; Trumpet & String Quartet; Flute & String Quartet; Violin & Viola; Violin & Bass; Violin, Viola, & Bass; 2 Violins, Viola, & Bass; 2 Violins, Viola, Bass, & Piano; Piano & Violin; Piano; Contemporary String Quartet; Contemporary with Drums; and Contemporary without Drums. Please take the opportunity to listen to these samples. In addition to the wide range of samples for String Quartet, Various String Ensembles, and Piano, Serenata Strings also has samples of these other ensembles and musical choices: Ensemble Music Samples, Violin and Guitar, Solo Guitar, Christmas, Jazz Combo, Harp, Exclusively Mexican and Exclusively Jewish. Ninety-nine of these selections are on the Demo CD. Serenata Strings has performed at many well-known establishments throughout Texas and the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, please select Venues from the side menu bar to see a list of these establishments. Select General Repertoire or Contemporary Repertoire and Violin & Guitar Repertoire from the side menu bar to view a list of the repertoire Serenata Strings has performed.

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  1. Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Elvis Presley) (Violin & Guitar) 1:09
  2. Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Frankie Valli) (Violin & Guitar) 1:22
  3. Chapel Of Love (The Dixie Cups) (Violin & Guitar) 0:54
  4. The Charleston Violin & Guitar 0:39
  5. Happy Together (The Turtles) (Violin & Guitar) 0:50
  6. La Bamba (Los Lobos) (Violin & Guitar) 0:57
  7. Let's Stay Together (Al Green) (Violin & Guitar) 1:14
  8. My Girl (The Temptations) (Violin & Guitar) 1:17
  9. My Happiness (Violin & Guitar) 1:08
  10. Oh, Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison) (Violin & Guitar) 1:12
  11. Only You (The Platters) (Violin & Guitar) 1:00
  12. Rock Around The Clock (Bill Haley & His Comets) (Violin & Guitar) 1:11
  13. Roll Out The Barrel (Violin & Guitar) 1:10
  14. Somewhere, My Love (Lara's Theme from Dr. Zhivago) (Violin & Guitar) 1:05
  15. Spanish Eyes (Al Martino) (Violin & Guitar) 1:12
  16. Unchained Melody (Righteous Brothers) (Violin & Guitar) 1:07
  17. The Wedding Song (Peter, Paul & Mary) (Violin & Guitar) 1:12
  18. Yellow Bird (Violin & Guitar) 1:10